Fawful (also known as the One-Winged Angel) is an Evil Genius who is also known for being good sometimes. Fawful is the most coolest person ever. He takes Sepulchure's place after he dies in Season 2 for he is the most oldest character in the Freaky Fifteen.   He also has a brother named Flawless.

Personality Edit

Fawful is a Genius and becomes good at Season 6. He also has a crush on Illusiona. He only has two weapons which are the Darkness Staff and the Destiny Blade. He also uses the Fawful Fury attack. He is relatively rude at some points but still he makes a good ally.

Appearance Edit

Fawful is a Blue Flurry with swirly eyes, demon ears and cape. The Cape in Season 1 is normal while the one in Season 2+ is a kind of Darkness Robes. In Season 6, Fawful grows wings which was then cut off by Illusiona making him the One-Winged Angel.

Story Edit

Fawful is a Flurry and current ruler of SkulHolme and ruler of Flurries. His goal is to rid the world of war as a Villain until Season 6 where he becomes a good guy.