Kenneth (or 'Boss' or 'Agent K' by his teamates) is a Secret Agent with a black fedora, sunglasses and a tuxedo. He is the leader of the team and is very careful of what he does.

Personality Edit

Kenneth is also a gunman specializing in almost every weapon. He's most favourite weapon is probably the shotgun. He is a very good natured person and fights with an Iron Fist. He also has a crush on Vivian -- a Black Mage Specializing in the arts of Darkness, Holy and Nature.

Appearance Edit

Kenneth varies in apperance, he is always in his tuxedo. But in Trance Mode, he is wearing a Knight's Armor and instead of a gun, he wields a Knight's Sword. In Season 6. He wore a Kamikaze Bandanna when he was going into a trap. His only thing that his hardly seen taken off is his sunglasses. He only takes them off in Season 1, Season 7 and Season 3.

Story Edit

Kenneth was a bored old 19 year-old, with a dream. A dream which will make him a hero. When he found his first few teammates -- Caleb, Ryan, LiYang, Alien and Nitro. He then's find a base and built it at Bhujerba and unites with other characters to make a whole team to destroy the Freaky Fifteen.